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About El Prado Bakery

Veteran Owned

Amongst the variety of bakeries in El Paso we like to think that there is a special flavor that comes out of our bakery. We are located in El Paso TX at 3501 Rich Beem Blvd. We are owners Araceli and Marco Del Valle and we created El Prado bakery in order to

  • Quality ingredients, baking process, and customer service is what sets us apart from other bakeries in El Paso.

    We take pride in everything that comes out of our bakery. Our quality ingredients is a representation of our brand and our passion for delivering you the best quality food. We assure you that everything is made to order.

    Our custom brick ovens is the driving force behind our delicious Mexican bread. Our custom built brick ovens were created by Octavio Aranda, father of Araceli Del Valle.

    These traditional ovens gives our bread the texture, softness, and flavor that no other bakery can come close to. We encourage you to visit us and try out any of our menu items and don’t forget to review us Yelp so we make sure every one of your visits will be unforgettable.