Pan De Muerto

Bread of the dead, otherwise known as pan de muerto is traditionally baked in the weeks that lead up to dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead Nov 1-Nov 2). Pan de muerto has a delicious flavor and is made with anise seeds which allows the bread to be sweet and aromatic.

Pan de Muerto’s purpose

Often times the purpose of “Pan de Muerto” is to act as an “ofrenda” or offering and is left outside as a welcoming gesture to loved ones that have passed away.

Pairings with Pan de Muerto

When offerings are paired with other traditional foods such as atole a traditional “masa-based” hot corn-based beverage, candied pumpkin, and sugar skulls. The belief is that the “spiritual essence” of the offerings are consumed by those in the after-life. El Prado bakery offers various sizes of “pan de muerto” so be sure to place your order in advance for any of your holiday celebrations.