How to reheat tamales without drying them out.

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  • We have all come into the situation where we get that huge craving for some tamales and want to take the entire “docena” home to devour in one sitting.

    This endevour always has the same outcome.


    So the morning after you try your hand at preparing your breakfast plate with bacon eggs and your side of tamale.

    There are a few ways to reheating your tamales the right way. However, it all depends on personal preference.

  • How To Properly Reheat Your Tamales

Microwave Reheating

Since tamales are cooked with steam, the best and fastest option is to microwave them (with the husks still on).

Start off by heating them up at 60 second intervals. Heating them up for longer periods can dry out the tamale.

Reheating by frying your tamale

Another great way and a customer favorite is by frying your tamale.

Place your tamale is a frying pan with a little drizzley of oil. Keep the husks on and place it on medium heat until toasted on both sides. (Usually around 1 minute each side.)

This method is a little more decadent but it tastes AMAZING!.