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We got the Pan Dulce Life

We serve delicious

made-to-order Mexican bread and food.


From Breakfast Burritos to late cravings and Menudo or Pozole, we got you covered!

Breakfast Burritos (Available all day now!)
Egg and Chorizo$3.29

Huevos con chorizo

Potatoes & Chorizo $3.29

Papas con Chorizo

Egg and Ham$3.29

Huevos con Jamón 

Egg with Chorizo & Potatoes$3.49

Huevos con papas con chorizo

Egg with Ham & Potatoes$3.49
Huevos con Jamon y papas
Egg with Potatoes$3.29
Mixed greens, fresh pulled mozzarella, garden basil, Hawaiian sea salt,extra virgin olive oil
Egg and Shredded Beef$3.59
Huevos con carne deshebrada
Egg and Bacon$3.59

Huevos con tocino a la prado

Egg and Sausage$3.59
Huevos con Salchicha Americana (Sausage)
Mexican Style Eggs
( Jalapeño, Tomatoe, Onion)

Huevos a la Mexicana, con Chile, Tomate y Cebolla

Egg and Winnie$3.49
Huevos con Winnie

Deshebrada Burrito

Shered beef con Chile Verde

Chile Relleno

Long Green Chile, Egg batter and Cheese
Ever since the day we first open our doors back in 1999 when El Prado Bakery was launched, it has made a name for its great Burritos, Tamales, Pozole, Menudo and all kinds of Pan Dulce that you can imagine!
Ever since the day Restora was launched in 1990, it has made a name for its diverse cuisine. Within a year of its inauguration.
Steak Torta$3.29

Torta de carne a la parrilla

Ham & Cheese (Cold)$3.29

Jamon con Queso (fria)

Ham & Cheese (Hot)$3.29

Jamón con Queso {Caliente}

Barbacoa Torta$3.49

Torta de Barbacoa

Fried Steak (Milanesa)$3.49

Torta de Milanesa

Chicken Breast$3.29

Torta de Pechuga de Pollo

Carnitas Torta$3.59

Torta de Carnitas estilo El Prado

Brisket Torta$3.59

Torta de Brisket


Explore our Food

We serve delicious made-to-order Mexican bread and food.

Our menu includes: tamales, menudo, pan dulce, burritos, and salads.

Traditional Mexican bakery with a Modern Twist.

We love mexican food, we love our culture, and we love Pan Dulce. We are your Guide To Pan Dulce . Come visit us and enjor one or many many of our pan dulce options that we have for you. 
We got “the pan dulce life” for you!

We also serve delicious food and bread. Our menu includes: Burritos, Breakfast Burritos, Tamales, Menudo, Pozole, Tortas and salads.



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El Prado Bakery
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